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#BlackBoysMeditate is an Aura House community initiative created by Michael & Jordan Thompson that promotes mindfulness to underserved communities. #BlackBoysMeditate strives to empower kids through mindfulness and promoting high self esteem.


As young leaders, The Thompson Boys, are committed to positive change in their community. They created this initiative to empower underserved communities through mindfulness. Recognizing the transformative impact of mindfulness on emotional regulation, self-esteem, and overall well-being, The Thompson Boys are on a mission to cultivate a culture of mindfulness that fosters emotional resilience, self-discovery, and holistic well-being for kids.


Mindfulness for kids

The Affirmation Alphabet

This product is made for kids- by kids- to help them journey through the alphabet with 26 affirmations and activities to promote empowerment and high self esteem.

Michael and Jordan created the designed this deck to make mindfulness accessible for kids.

Color and Calm: Mindfulness Coloring Book

Color and Calm is a mindfulness coloring book for kids. Through mindfulness, affirmations, activities, and coloring, help children navigate their big emotions. 

Black Boys Meditate Youth Hoodie

Support our community initiative, #BlackBoysMeditate with this hoodie. This youth hoodie was designed Michael and Jordan to showcase the importance of meditation and emotional regulation.

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