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I am Helsa and for the majority of my life, I suffered from “Superwoman Syndrome”. To be honest, I still do. Superwoman syndrome is the idea that you have to do it all, and do it all to perfection. So in an effort to keep all the balls afloat and fulling all of my roles and responsibilities to perfection, I neglect myself, leading to stress, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. This was my reality for a long time. Work-life balance did not come naturally to me, and it still doesn’t, but over time I realize the importance of work-life balance and prioritizing self-care.


As a wife, mother of 3, and entrepreneur, trying to be Superwoman was impacting my quality of life. While I was successful, I realized that I was under extreme amounts of stress, participated in unhealthy habits, and was not living my full potential. I soon realized that for me to be the best wife, mom, and boss, I did not need to be Superwoman, I needed to be the best Helsa I could be.

This shift in my life pushed me in creating The Aura House. I saw the power that mediation and yoga had in improving my quality of life and wanted to empower others to do the same. I strive to create a safe space for people to find balance, to heal, and to unlearn unhealthy habits.

You do not need to be Superwoman-- or Superman--at The Aura House. 


With certifications in yoga, meditation, reiki, VST, and life coaching, I strive to create safe spaces for others to heal, grow, and love themselves.  

I use my background and education and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging to create safe and inclusive spaces for everyone to show up authentically. 

I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and Harvard, a wife, and a mom of 3 boys, and I bring all of these experiences (the ups and the downs) to The Aura House. 

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Learn more about how Helsa's experience as a Black women led to her creation of The Aura House


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Have you heard of Superwomen Syndrome? Learn more about how Helsa used Yoga and Meditation to help her overcome Superwomen Syndrome.

Why was The Aura House created?

Helsa came to her own realization of the importance of wellness and healing while she was balancing her life as a wife, mom, and senior level executive. She realized that she was under extreme amounts of stress, participated in unhealthy habits, and was not living at her full potential. She soon realized that for her to be the best wife, mom, and boss, she had to be the best Helsa and to be the best Helsa, she had to make time for herself. When she prioritized her own self care, she took up yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and Reiki. She saw the power that these healing modalities did in empowering her to be the best version of myself  emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She knew she wanted to empower others to do the same.​

Love Yourself

The Aura House's Social Initiatives

+Knowing how to deal with stress and learning how to self-regulate emotions are skills needed to empower the Black community. These tools allow for people of color rewire how we deal with generational trauma, the stress of being black in America, emotions that come with navigating white dominate culture in the work place and schools, and the reclaiming ownership of how we engage and react with others.

That is why The Aura House has the following social initiatives:


EmpowHERed: An initiative to support BIPOC girls and teens by promoting self love and empowerment

#BlackBoysMeditate: An initiative to support black boys and teens with the tools need to self-regulate emotions


Black Mommy Magic: An initiative to support BIPOC expectant and current mothers through wellness and self care.

Image by Andre Adjahoe

Why does The Aura House have a focus on the BIPOC community?

Identity factors such as race, religion, sexual orientation and gender—is complex, especially, in the black community. 
•    The black community suffers from generational trauma that affects how people deal with stress and emotions in the present
•    Black women are most effected by heart disease, caused by stress, and are not equipped with tools for self-care and stress management
•    Black boys are disciplined at high rates and misdiagnosed for learning disabilities, leading to lack of access to more educational opportunities, closing the opportunity gap
•    Suicide rates for black children aged 5-12 were roughly two times higher than those of similarly aged white children​

Image by Clay Banks


The Aura House is please to partner with the following orgnizations

+Enso Apothecary

+Sanctum Med and Wellness

+CCC Leadership: Program for Women

+The Black Mom Collective

+Black Moms of Dallas

+Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League

+Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

+Kopal Studio

+Teach For America DFW

+Black Girls Can Heal

+For Oak Cliff

+Trinity Athletics

+APT Training Studios 

Dancing Hands
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